Her & Now are so proud of the growth and success of our clients and love getting positive feedback from them on how we've helped them on their journey!

"Jenni is great at helping you find the answer even if you can't quite formulate an answer. I run a rapidly growing business managing a team across five time zones. There are a lot of pressures and even more demands that I place on myself. From our very first session with Jenni, we came up with simple tools that helped me to give myself a break, cope with stress and enjoy this crazy entrepreneurial ride."

Zlata K, Co-Founder & CEO at Interlike


"Jennifer was a god send - appearing at a time when I was feeling lost and frustrated with work and life - overwhelmed and lacking direction. She took the time to get to know me and my issues and patiently and daringly helped to  address them and put in place new habits for success. Thanks Jennifer for your time and wisdom as I walk the path towards my best self!"

Katie Earl - Owner at Delish Ice


Jenni’s coaching sessions were very effective, as she got me to think clearly about why I was facing certain stumbling blocks. She was able to ask clean coaching questions, which forced to re-evaluate my situation from a different perspective. I was impressed with the level of adaptively that Jenni showed as she was able to probe and use a variety of questions to get me to look at my problem from different points of view. Most powerful was the feeling that I got to certain answers on my own, with Jenni there to ask me the right questions, that I was able to answer myself (i.e. I wasn’t handed down an answer).

Marie - Product Manager at ANZ Bank


"Jennifer has a warm and friendly professional approach with her coaching. She provided a safe and deeply caring space that allowed me to explore and uncover my underlying distress and assisted me to reveal to myself my deeper true needs. With her guided questions and suggestive helpful tools I was able to approach my problems with clarity, peace of mind and the inner calm. Essentially it helped me to get out of my own way so I could find the right solution."

Brenna Craven, Accountant