It's time for you to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE...



Are you ready to grow yourself professionally and personally and start living your ideal life?  

Then this program is for you....


90 Day Business & Personal Breakthrough Program


This program will support you to:

  • Design your dream lifestyle and take the steps to actually make it happen
  • Get out of your own way and eliminate fears, overwhelm, procrastination and self sabotage that have gotten in the way of your dream life and business success 
  • Make good money in your business or career, remove money blocks and earn what you're worth
  • Get clarity on your business model or career plan and then determine where you need to put energy into your business or career that actually pays-off
  • Streamline, systemise and delegate to simplify your life and reduce burnout
  • Support you to 'Leisurely hustle' - work hard AND take great care of yourself, relax and live a great life NOW not once you reach your goals
  • Stop wishing and waiting on the sidelines and start actually getting results

Many programs either focus on growing your business knowledge or personal development.  At Her & Now we know it's important to address both.

"A business can never outgrow it's owner"


I know what it's like to feel like you are spinning your wheels in business or your career.  I've been there and if I didn't step-up and get business mentoring and coaching I'd still be stuck.

Before that decision I was filled with fear about what could go wrong.  What if I don't make my investment back?  What if it doesn't work?  It's not the right time I've got so much on? Could I just figure it out myself? What if the program doesn't get me the results I want?

“May your choices reflect your hope not your fears” Nelson Mandela

If I'd let my fears over take me I could have been stuck on a plateau with my business and completely burnout.  Maybe I could have figured it out eventually but the time and loss in potential profits wouldn't have made it worth it, not to mention the impact to my health.  Within a few weeks of being coached I had broken through mental blocks and gained clarity and direction and then everything shifted.

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Program Details...


Alot of programs use group sessions, however at Her & Now we know the best results come from one-on-one coaching. So we have individualised one-on-one coaching programs that can cover the following but are tailored for you, to get the best outcomes for you:

  • Get clear on your life purpose and vision, mission and values – getting clarity on these is essential for the long term success and enjoyment of your business or career
  • Clarity on you ideal life and business or work that aligns to this
  • Deep dive into the unresourceful beliefs that may be holding you back from where you want to go and the use of researched based coaching techniques (e.g. Neuro Linguistic Programming) to address these beliefs.  Our mind is 90% unconscious and only 10% conscious so unless you are aware of your underlying beliefs and ensure they are aligned to your conscious goals you won’t get there and can be suck in a pattern of procrastination, self-sabotage, self-doubt or fear.
  • Challenging but attainable goals, a roadmap to get there and check-ins to hold you accountable
  • Understanding of what makes you unique and how to bring that into your business and/or personal branding
  • Clarity on your ideal client and their needs and wants and designing products or services to address
  • Business model or career plan that supports your purpose
  • Designing your week and simplifying, systemising and delegating to create efficiency in your business and move you to your ideal life sooner
  • Self care and wellness and how to become a lady of 'leisurely hustle' 
  • Understanding of practical human behaviour or coaching models and principles that you can apply to increase your success (e.g. success principles, four levels of thinking)
  • The latest, cutting edge sales and marketing approaches to use in your business to stand out, build a community of loyal followers and learn to love sales instead of dreading it

"Don't wait until you are ready to take action, instead take action to be ready"


What's included?

  • Complementary 30 minute discovery call to see whether the program is right for you
  • Unlimited 45-60 min one-on-one sessions
  • Welcome pack, including Her & Now founder Jennifer Lander’s book “Work in Purpose”
  • Email support for those days when you need a little more guidance
  • Goal setting and accountability to keep you on track
  • Other resources to support you (e.g. worksheets, guides, articles)